Saturday, 4 April 2015

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 04)

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 04)

◆ The best way to drop a bad habit is by following it with a good deed. Example: Donate RM100 in charity everytime you backbite.

◆ If you are having a hard time breaking a sin due to the environment, then may be it is time for you to move away from that environment. Make hijrah to a better place with better people. You must be willing to make that sacrifice.

◆ Our 5 daily prayers are our pitstops to remind ourselves and refuel ourselves with taqwa. So are jumaah and Ramadhan.

◆ The quality of your heart is reflected by the quality of your prayer!

◆ A heart that is clean & pure will never get tired of the Quran.

◆ According to Hanafi, making a mockery of the religion is kufr. Example: Saying bismillah before drinking wine is an act of kufr.

◆ Always say bismillah prior to doing a good act to protect yourself from jinns and shayateen.

◆ You are not really smart if you reject the truth.

◆ Arrogance is rejecting the truth when you know that it is the truth, and to belittle others.

◆ Arrogance is worse than shirk. Shirk is worshipping Allah still, but associating Him with others while arrogance is refusing to worship Allah SWT all together.

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