Wednesday, 15 April 2015

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 15)

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 15)

◆ Reflect on the seed, how it can grow back when planted into earth even if it is hundred years old. We will also sprout back from our death from the end of our tailbone.

◆ When you have firm belief in the hereafter, it will make you strong, motivates you to strive for goodness and stay away from sins.

◆ If you are conscious of the hereafter, no disturbance will bother you.

◆ A Muslim who bows down to Allah, can stand up to anything. True believers are the strongest people on earth.

◆ Just because Allah knows everything, it doesn't mean that He doesn't give us choices. He knows what will happen and if things were to be done differently, then how it will be.

◆ The choice is ours. We can't blame qadr for our actions.

◆ You can't claim that you love someone for the sake of Allah if you don't make dua for them.

◆ Give rights to your health, to your family and to Allah. Balance it all. Politely decline people's request in order to follow your schedule.

◆ Seek 70 excuses for your brother and sister when you are in doubt about them. Shaytaan will always make the situation seems worse than what it really is.

◆ Intentionally denying The Creator is the worst thing one can do.

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