Sunday, 5 April 2015

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 05)

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 05)

◆ Shaytan also believes but chooses to disobey. You need to both belief and obey to be a true believer. Actions matter!

◆ Those who are arrogant, Allah will lead them astray.

◆ If it is the truth, then you must accept it even if the advisor is less knowledgeable. That's the sign of humility.

◆ Differentiate between Islam & Muslims. When you call people to Islam, call them to Allah, not to sects.

◆ Seek knowledge till the day you die.

◆ No one knows what's inside your heart except for you and Allah.

◆ What Allah always emphasize is the ending. In the beginning,  there may be a lot of challenges and struggles. But if you're sincere, you may have a good ending.

◆ To move forward, we must seek Allah.

◆ Allah guide us by sending a Book. If we don't go back to this book, then we cannot be guided.

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