Friday, 10 April 2015

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 10)

GEMS: Journey of Faith (Part 10)

◆ Recite Ayatul Kursi before you go to sleep to have your own personal bodyguard while sleeping.

◆ Raining time is a great time to make dua.  Every single rain drop has an angel bringing it down!

◆ The angels change shift during fajr and asr. So you can get double the reward for praying fajr and asr because different angels are writing your same deeds wa Allahu alam.

◆ Making others happy will make you happy. When you give to others, Allah will give to you back even more!

◆ The angels make dua to Allah to give more to those who give & to destroy the wealth of those who are greedy.

◆ Being generous makes you happy. Based on research, money can buy happiness only if it is given away.

◆ Life is a test. The test of prosperity is more difficult than the test of hardship.  Because more people seek Allah in time of hardship while more people drift away from Allah when they prosper.

◆ It's OK to be rich but be thankful. Don't let dunya get into your heart.

◆ To be thankful for your wealth or children is to spend your wealth in the most pleasing way to Allah and to teach your children to be obedient to Allah.

◆ One of the best ways to spend money is in seeking knowledge. When you spend it for knowledge (either on yourself or others), Allah will increase your wealth.

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