Sunday, 12 April 2015

The beautiful hadith of Yaum Al Mazeed

The beautiful hadith shared by Ustaz in last night's Quranication class 

As reported from the truthful worthy of credibility (Muhammad S.A.W.) and is found in Sahih, in the Sunans and Massanids, reported by Jarir, Suhayb, Anas, Abu Huraira, Abu Musa and Abu Said, (May Allah be pleased with them all). 

And listen on the Day when the caller will call out, ' O people of Paradise, Your Blessed and Exalted Lord wants to meet you.  So come to visit!  They will say : 'At your service'. They will rise and hasten to visit.  They will have najaib (special vehicles) and will leave in a hurry until they will arrive to the valley of 'Al-Afyah'.  That is their point of meeting as they will all be gathered there. Not one of them will leave.  The Lord Almighty will ask that His Throne be brought and put in the place of the meeting.   

Then they will set up platforms in Nur (for the people of Paradise), and platforms of pearls, and platforms of aquamarine, and platforms of gold and silver.  And the lowest of them will be sitting on hills of musk.  And there is no one lower among them.  They will see the owners of the chairs (the more righteous) above them in due happiness.  Until they are all well established and reassured of their place, the caller will call out 'O people of Paradise, you have a meeting with Allah.  He wants to reward you.'  They will say, 'What? Has he not instructed our scales [good deeds] made our faces shine,  and made us enter Paradise and saved us from the Fire?'   

And while they stand, a light (unlike no other) will illuminate through Paradise.  They will raise their heads.  Then when the All-Compeller, Perfect in His Majesty with His Exalted names is present above them, He will say, 'O people of Paradise, Salamun Alaikum (may the peace and blessings be upon you).   They will not have anything better to say than 'Allaahumma antassalaam wa minkassalaam tabarakta ya zaljalali wal-ikram.(O our Lord, Allah! You are Peace, from You comes peace, Blessed is the Owner of Majesty and Honour!   

And the Lord, the Majestic, to Him belong all Blessings will then say to them, 'O people of Paradise.' This is the first thing they will hear from Him, 'My servants who obeyed Me while they did not see Me, this is Yaum al Mazeed (Day of Increase),' So they will all come together on a single word which is 'we are satisfied, be pleased with us.  He will say 'O people of Paradise, if I was not happy with you, I would not have let you enter into My Paradise.  Today is Yaum al Mazeed, so ask of Me.'   

They will all unite on a single word, which is 'show us Your Face so that we may see You'  And so the Lord Almighty will remove the veil [between Him and the people of Paradise] .  He will manifest Himself in all His glory, and the brilliance of His Nur, they will forget all the benefits they had seen (from their time in Paradise).  And had Allaah not willed, they would have burned by the brilliance of His Nur.  And there will be no one there but each person will meet with his Lord!.  Then He [Allaah] will say, 'Do you recall the day when you did such-and-such (sin)?'.  They will then remember the sins committed in dunya [standing before Allaah]. They will respond, 'O Lord do you not then forgive us?'   Allaah will say, ' Only thanks to My forgiveness have you arrived at this grade' 

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